Child Placement Information


Northwestern Minnesota Juvenile Center
1231 5th Street NW -- P.O. Box 247
Bemidji, MN 56619-0247
Phone: (218) 751-3196  FAX:  (218) 751-3229

Joint Powers/Member Counties:
Beltrami – Cass – Clearwater
Hubbard - Kittson – Lake of the Woods
Pennington – Roseau
(Also serving at-large Counties on a space available basis.)


2021 Per Diem Rates

Residential Treatment

$230.00 - Member Counties
$265.00 - Non-Member Counties
Ages 12-18, Boys or Girls, 25 Beds Delinquent, Non-Delinquent and CHIPS

Non-Secure Detention

$232.00 – Member Counties
$259.00 – Non-Member Counties
$292.00 – 35 Day Evaluation Member
$319.00 – 35 Day Evaluation Member
Ages 10-18, Boys or Girls, 24 Beds Delinquent, Non-Delinquent and CHIPS

Secure Detention

$242.00 – Member Counties
$274.00 - Non-Member Counties
$302.00 – 35 Day Evaluation Member
$334.00 – 35 Day Evaluation Non-Member
Ages 10-18, 19-20 if under EJJ, Boys or Girls, 16 Beds Delinquent

Extension Satellite Homes

$227.00 CHIPS - All Counties and Non-Member Counties – Delinquent
$200.00 Member Counties – Delinquent
Ages 12-18

Bemidji I - 6 Beds, Girls
Bemidji II - 5 Beds, Boys
Leech Lake - American Indian Youth 5 Beds, Boys or Girls
Thief River Falls - 5 Beds, Boys or Girls
Roseau- 6 Beds, Boys or Girls

Federal Title IV-E Eligibility

The non-member county per diem rates include a $27.00 administrative fee for youth placements which is not a reimbursable expense for Federal IV-E Funds. The effective Per Diem rates for Title IV-E reporting is $200.00 for Satellite Homes. Host County Contract is with Beltrami County.

Temporary Detention Law Enforcement 36 Hour or 72 Hour Police Welfare Hold (ONLY UNTIL COURT HEARING IS SCHEDULED ) is acceptable.
Note: The county which requests and receives services shall be responsible for per diem rate payment as listed herein.

Northwestern Minnesota Juvenile Center and its Extension Satellite Homes are licensed by the Minnesota Department of Corrections (DOC) under MN Children’s Residential Facility Rule 2960. The Center is a part of county government, and is established pursuant to statutory authority of MSA 260B.060 and 471.59, under the statutorily-vested authority of the State of Minnesota District Court, Ninth Judicial District, and the delegatory joint powers authority.